Anchor List 2020

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Aaron Cannon
VP Product, Triplebyte
Lenny Rachitsky
Former Product Lead, Supply Growth, Airbnb
Tatyana Mamut
Head of Product, Nextdoor
Gokul Rajaram
Caviar Lead, Doordash

Anchor product leaders can see the future. To echo Henry Ford, they’re not looking to give customers faster horses. They’re dreaming up products at the edge of our imagination, ones that customers are desperate for. They rally teams behind them to build, iterate, and execute at lightning speed. They have a founder mentality and are the critical nexus of technology and business within the company.



Helena Seo
Head of Design, Doordash
Jared Erondu
Head of Design, Lattice
Teresa Man
Lead Designer, Superhuman
Ryo Lu
Product & Design Lead, Notion

Anchor designers are the great artists of our time. They know how to tell amazing visual stories that transcend demographics and culture. They are endlessly creative, and totally unbound by rules and convention. They are perceptive students of human behavior that know how to get people to magical moments of delight.


Marketing & Growth

Meagen Eisenberg
CMO, TripActions
Trevor Reader
Head of Dasher Growth, Doordash
Alexis Zhu
Head of Growth, Scratch
Dan Laufer
Head of Growth and Product Marketing, Nextdoor

Anchor marketers don't just capture demand, they create demand. They know their job is to think like an entrepreneur and get the most results they can for the most effective use of money and time. Rather than succeed conventionally, they win by communicating in surprising and unexpected ways. They market differently, rather than better. They avoid comparison games with other companies.


Operations & FINANCE

Yael Cohen
VP Business Operations & Analytics, Lemonade
Mark Tan
Director of Product & Community Ops, Wyze Labs
Elizabeth Ford
Head of Operations, Uno Health
Amer Ali
Head of Strategic Finance & Business Operations, Netlify

Anchor operations leaders keep the bus running. They’re the adults in the room that get the backbone processes in place that set up a startup for hypergrowth. This means finance, legal, compliance, and all the workflows in between. They squeeze out every optimization possible across the value chain so that the bus runs on time, then quicker, and then more efficiently when more passengers jump on.



Alex Shee
Head of Partnerships, Element AI
Navid Zolfaghari
VP Sales, Americas, Branch
Kelly Breslin Wright
Former EVP Sales, Tableau
Anand Chopra-McGowan
VP, Managing Director EMEA, General Assembly

Anchor sales leaders are day one revenue machines. They can teach a masterclass in the art of relationship building. They serve on the front lines and can close deals in their sleep. They intuitively know how to pave a path to get the customer to “yes”; the word “no” is simply not in their vocabulary. They go beyond the call of duty to make customers successful.



Lucia Guillory
VP People, Virta Health
James Deslonde
Head Global Recruiting, Airbnb
Heather Doshay
VP People, Webflow
Amanda Bell
Head of Talent, Retool

Anchor talent leaders build out legendary founding teams. They have a reputation for discovering “diamonds in the rough” and recognize amazing people before anyone else does. They convince veterans to take a chance on the unpredictable startup journey. They empower people to do their best work. They architect community and set the tone for culture.

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